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Esther Choi (b. 1977, Toronto) is a conceptual artist, architectural historian, and writer, currently based in London.

Her multidisciplinary work traverses the realms of art and architecture as inherently social practices to explore the nature of identity, intersubjectivity, and human agency. Throughout her varied projects – involving photography, sculpture, installation, performance, and texts – objects and spaces are approached as tools that can propose new models of subjectivity, and generate situations that link persons and things in unexpected ways. Her work often draws upon history and its artefacts as constructs rooted in systems of power, and reimagines them to understand social structures in the present.

She is currently working on transforming her Ph.D. dissertation into a manuscript for publication; a photographic series about identity, parafiction, and self-representation with a community of emerging designers and fashion enthusiasts in New Orleans, LA; and a proposed project in São Paulo, Brazil, that uses the transmission of "fat" to trace and generate kinship structures and gift economies. A participatory artwork-cum-cookbook that explores the notion of "aesthetic consumption" called 'Le Corbuffet' will be published by Prestel in the autumn of 2019.

Choi often writes on topics within the constellation of art, design, and politics as an extension of her practice. She is the coeditor of 'Architecture Is All Over' (Columbia Books on Architecture, 2017) and 'Architecture at the Edge of Everything Else' (MIT Press, 2010). Her essays have appeared in Artforum, Art Papers, The Journal of Architectural Education, Architectural Review, and PIN-UP. She has contributed to exhibition catalogues such as 'Hippie Modernism' (Walker Art Center, 2015) and 'Reaper' (ETH Zurich, 2017).

She has taught courses in photography, criticism and curatorial practice, and architecture at OCAD University in Toronto, and The Cooper Union and The New School in New York City. She holds degrees in photography, studio art, and architectural history and theory from Ryerson University, Concordia University, Harvard University, and Princeton University.