Equivalents (Parallel Lines)
Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal, QC; Elektra Festival International Arts Numériques, Montreal, QC
Two-channel video installation

Two-channel projection with custom screens. Video, black and white, silent, 2:44min. loop.


Ignition 3, Curated by Marie-Josée Jean and Michèle Thériault, Dec.7-Jan 6, 2007

Elektra Festival International Arts Numériques (10th Edition), Usine-C, Montréal, QC, May 1-10, 2009

Equivalents (Parallel Lines)

Equivalents (Parallel Lines) is an immersive two-channel video installation that explores optical phenomena in 2½-D space through vector-based graphics. An ode to Norman McLaren's Lignes verticales (1960) and Lignes horizontales (1962), the viewer finds themselves immersed in an optical painting in the process of writing itself.


Ignition 3, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery
Elektra Montréal | MIAN 2009