Ugly Food
February 17, 2019
T: The New York Times Style Magazine
Ugly Food

A commission from T: The New York Times Style Magazine of still life photography inspired by dark cuisine for the February 2019 women's issue.

(left) A still life of Italian cavallucci cookies, black radish, turkey, octopus and makrut limes.

(right) A still life of (from left) black radishes, a peach-and-condensed-milk Jell-O mold crowned with whipped cream and a pig’s foot, two lime Jell-O molds — one studded with green olives and celery (background), the other with sardines and cheddar cheese (foreground) — and walnuts.


How So-Called ‘Ugly Food’ Is Challenging Notions of What We Crave by Ligaya Mishan


Photography and Jell-O sculptures by Esther Choi.
Styling by Victoria Petro-Conroy.
Photo assistant: Matthew Bernucca.
Stylist’s assistant: Stephanie Redhead.