March 04, 2008
Digital c-print on satin, cotton insert with polyester filling

Prototypes for Topologies, Digital c-print on satin, cotton insert with polyester filling, 36” x 36” x 4”


Topologies questions the construction of boundaries through embodiment, asking the question of where one body ends and another begins. The prototypes for Topologies were first conceived as large-scale composite images of human skin. Skin samples from various subjects were photographed using a large format camera. These images were subsequently scanned and digitally "hand woven" to create seamless surfaces, without the use of photo stitching software, and digitally printed onto fabric to produce stuffed cushions. Part activated sculpture, part seating, the hyper realistic surfaces and texture of the cushions are intended to blur the space between self and other to suggest a parallel between the formation of identity and the designation of territories.