Nature Morte
Chromogenic prints

Chromogenic prints, 30 x 40 in. (dimensions variable), 2018 - 2019. Series of thirteen images.

Nature Morte

"Let us again take up the two representations and the double doubt about the faithfulness of the representatives, and we shall have defined the Parliament of Things." - Bruno Latour1

Taking quotidian organic and inorganic materials as their point of departure, these still life compositions (nature morte) were conceived of as photographic sketches that contemplate the "after-nature" condition of our contemporary moment. Intended as reflections on the still life genre in photography and painting, they explore tropes of consumption, waste, and economy. As a contemporary rejoinder to the genre's largely unquestioned domestication of nature, the images seek to consider how "nature" – and thus what we think of as natural– operates as a technologically-mediated construct, co-created with and through social practices.

Works (l-r)

Still life 08.04.18 with bodega eucalyptus, found branch with leaves, modelling clay, string, plastic, potato, incense

Still life 07.26.18, no. 3, with burnt paper bag, carnations, corn husks

Still life 07.21.18, no.1, with navel orange, ball, grapes, brass wire, modelling clay, carnation

Still life 08.16.18, with brass wire, bodega rose, cellophane, clay, foil, rock, can, rubber, string

Still life 07.26.18, no. 2, with burnt paper bag, spoon, clay, star anise, rice, daal, lemon, carnation, dried chipotle

Still life 07.25.18 no.2, with grape stems, synthetic hair, eucalyptus leaves, oranges, hair net, acrylic paint

Still life 07.21.18, no. 3, with navel orange, carnation, grape, brass wire, gypsum

Still life 07.25.18., no.1, with grape stems, synthetic hair, eucalyptus leaves, hair net, acrylic paint

Still life 08.16.18 w/ avocado, cherimoya, bodega Ice Ballet, plastic net, modelling clay, onion

Still life 07.27.18, no. 4, with burnt paper bag, corn husk, carnations, wooden spoon

Still life 08.12.18, with bodega sunflower, plastic, string

Still life 07.22.18, no.2, with blood orange, navel orange, grapes, dried chipotle, brass wire, modelling clay, gypsum

Still life 07.26.18, no.1, with paper bag, spoon, clay, star anise, rice, daal, lemon, carnation, dried chipotle


Against the Architectural Imagination: Sustainability's Image Problem

"Second Lives" in Reaper: Richard Hamilton, Sigfried Giedion. Edited by Carson Chan, Fredi Fischli, Niels Olsen, et al. Zürich : JRP/Ringier, 2017.