Le Corbuffet
December 31, 2018
Brooklyn, New York
Social Sculpture, Sculpture, Photography,

Le Corbuffet is a series of Fluxus-inspired occasions and a forthcoming cookbook that explore the use of food as a social and aesthetic medium (2015- present).

Le Corbuffet

In 2014, Esther Choi stumbled across an elaborate dinner menu in tribute to the Bauhaus founder and architect Walter Gropius. The historical document, and the questions it raised, inspired her to organize Fluxus-inspired occasions called "Le Corbuffets" that explored the use of food as a social and aesthetic medium.

Revolving around absurd, pun-inspired dishes that referred to canonical artists and designers,1 she hosted a number of social gatherings in her Brooklyn apartment from 2015 to 2017. The events sought to transform the increasingly rarified activities of commensality and aesthetic connoisseurship into humorous scenarios that encouraged participants to enact modes of "consumptive production".2 As part of her interest in unusual forms of kinship, the project explores how food can be used as a tool to examine the politics of sharing, while probing and blurring the boundaries between art, design, and everyday life.

A participatory artwork in the form of a cookbook, based on these events, will be published by Prestel Publishing in the autumn of 2019. Designed by the acclaimed graphic design practice Studio Lin, the vividly illustrated book contains sixty "action scripts" in the form of recipes and anecdotes written by Choi, along with her photographs of edible sculptures.


Studio Lin
Prestel Publishing


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