Der Mensch
January 04, 2020
University of Tennessee Knoxville (January 27-February 21, 2020).
Pigment prints

Pigment prints on unbound copy of “Man: Teaching Notes from the Bauhaus” by Oskar Schlemmer.
159 pages, offset, original edition from 1971.
7 x 9 in., 10 x 12 in. framed

Der Mensch

Der Mensch (2019–ongoing) consists of pigment prints created using an unbound copy of the book, Man (der Mensch) (1971) by German avant-garde artist Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943). Schlemmer’s idealized notion of human identity revolved around the study of the European male figure, whose normative and elemental "perfection" was articulated via the artist’s use of rigid geometries, abstraction and metricized proportions. At the core of his obsession was a desire for social standardization, which assumed an erasure and disciplining of difference. In this series of pigment prints, the techniques of annulment, redaction and photographic layering atop Schlemmer’s existing historical text and images seek to engage with the underlying Eurocentric beliefs and assumptions which undergirded Schlemmer’s oeuvre.